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Cancellations and Refunds

In this article, we'll explore the processes and policies in place to handle cancellations, provide clarity on penalties for hosts, and ensure a smooth experience for both guests and hosts alike.

Guest Cancellation and Refunds

Exploring Guest Cancellation Options

When a guest needs to cancel their reservation, we understand that plans can change unexpectedly. In such cases, we aim to provide a quick rebound for both hosts and guests. Once the guest cancels their reservation, we promptly notify the host and unblock the reservation dates, allowing hosts to accept new bookings.

Managing Cancellations and Refunds

Upon cancellation, guests may be eligible for an automatic refund based on the host's cancellation policy. If the policy doesn't permit a refund, guests might still qualify for a refund under our refund under our Rebooking and Refund Policy, or in the case of exceptional circumstances. Additionally, if a guest's stay falls short of the host's standards, hosts can issue a partial refund to address any issues.

Handling Cancellations After Check-in

In situations where a guest cancels after checking in, they must vacate the listing immediately, and the terms of the host's cancellation policy will still apply.

Host Cancellation and Penalties

While Pridebnb guests look forward to their trips, we understand that sometimes hosts may need to cancel. If a host needs to cancel a reservation, they should do so as quickly as possible and send a message to the guest to communicate the situation.

How a Host Can Cancel a Reservation

To cancel your reservation, please contact the Pridebnb support team, and kindly provide the following information:

  • Forward the email with the subject line "[Guest's Name] requested to book [Your home]" related to the reservation you wish to cancel. This is the email the guest sent you when they requested the booking and you accepted it.

If you are unable to locate the email confirmation, please provide us with the following details, enabling us to retrieve your order and proceed with the cancellation:

  • Name and link of the listing

  • Name and link of the guest

  • Date of purchase

  • Check-in date

Notify your Guest

In addition to reaching out to the Pridebnb support team, we recommend notifying the guest for the upcoming change. Please follow the steps below:

  • Go to Inbox and click "As a host".

  • Select the reservation you want to change in the message marked "Accepted".

  • Send a message to the guest confirming that you initiated a cancellation request with the Pridebnb support team.

  • Review your changes and click "Send message."

Understanding Host Cancellation Policy

The Host Cancellation Policy aims to minimize disruptions to guests' travel plans and maintain confidence in the Pridebnb community. Under specific circumstances, cancellation fees and consequences may apply to hosts who cancel confirmed stays. However, fees and consequences may be waived in cases of extenuating circumstances or valid reasons beyond the host's control.

Consequences of Host Cancellations

When a host cancels a reservation, a cancellation fee may be deducted from their payout. The fee amount depends on when the reservation was accepted and how soon before check-in the cancellation occurred. Additionally, hosts may face other consequences such as calendar blocks, public reviews, account suspension or deactivation, and potential loss of Superfab status.

Restoring Canceled Reservations

Restoring Canceled Reservations for Guests

If a host wishes to restore a canceled reservation for a guest, they should contact the guest and have them make a new reservation. Pridebnb cannot restore a canceled reservation once it has been canceled. The host should message the guest to agree on booking factors and send a special offer with the agreed-upon details.

Handling Host Cancellation Penalties

If a host received a cancellation penalty for the original canceled reservation, they can request the penalty's removal after the new booking is confirmed.

Special Circumstances for Host Cancellation

Valid Reasons for Host Cancellations without Penalties

Certain situations, such as emergencies, government travel restrictions, or proof of a guest intending to violate house rules, may qualify as valid reasons for host cancellations without penalties.

Providing Evidence for Host Cancellation Exceptions

In situations where proof is required, such as emergency repairs or serious personal illness, hosts may be asked to provide documentation to support their cancellation.

Enforcing or Waiving Cancellation Policies

Enforcing or Waiving Monthly Stay Cancellation Policy

For monthly stays with less than 30 days' notice, hosts have the option to enforce or waive their cancellation policy. Enforcing the policy results in the guest being charged for the remaining nights, while waiving the policy charges the guest only for the actual nights stayed.

How to Change Your Cancellation Policy

Hosts can easily change their cancellation policy to offer more flexibility or protection against cancellations. The changes apply to future reservations and do not affect pending or confirmed bookings.

Understanding Overrides to Cancellation Policy

In certain situations, Pridebnb may override a host's cancellation policy, and guests may receive a full refund in accordance with the Terms of Service. This may happen if the place is inaccessible, unclean, unsafe, or there's a serious issue the host cannot address.

Navigating cancellations and refunds on Pridebnb requires understanding and adhering to the relevant policies. Guests and hosts can work together to manage cancellations effectively while maintaining confidence in the Pridebnb community.

If you have any further questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.