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Ensuring Safety in Unforeseen Events

Pridebnb's Exceptional Circumstances Policy, prioritizing your safety during unexpected disruptions. This comprehensive guide outlines our approach to cancellations, protecting you and our hosts when unforeseen events like natural disasters, diseases, or other uncontrollable circumstances arise.

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Exceptional Circumstances Policy

Our Exceptional Circumstances Policy outlines how we handle cancellations when unforeseen events beyond your control occur after booking, making it impractical or illegal to proceed with your reservation. This policy applies to both accommodations.

When this policy allows for cancellation, it takes precedence over the regular cancellation policy associated with your reservation. Guests impacted by an event covered by this policy have the option to cancel their reservation and may be eligible for a cash refund, travel credit, or other appropriate consideration, depending on the circumstances. Hosts affected by a covered event can also cancel without any adverse consequences. However, depending on the circumstances, their calendars may be blocked for the dates of the canceled reservation.

Covered Events

This policy defines "Events" as the following situations that occur after booking, are unforeseen at the time of booking, and prevent or legally prohibit the completion of your reservation:

  1. Changes to government travel requirements: Unexpected changes to visa or passport requirements imposed by a governmental agency that prevent travel to the destination. This does not include lost or expired travel documents or other personal circumstances related to a guest's authorization to travel.

  2. Declared emergencies and epidemics: Government-declared local or national emergencies, epidemics, pandemics, and public health emergencies. This excludes diseases that are endemic or commonly associated with an area, such as malaria in Thailand or dengue fever in Hawaii.

  3. Government travel restrictions: Travel restrictions imposed by a governmental agency that prevent or prohibit traveling to, staying at, or returning from the listing location. This does not include non-binding travel advisories and similar government guidance.

  4. Military actions and other hostilities: Acts of war, hostilities, invasions, civil war, terrorism, explosions, bombings, rebellions, riots, insurrection, civil disorder, and civil unrest.

  5. Natural disasters: Natural disasters, acts of God, large-scale outages of essential utilities, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and other severe and abnormal weather events. This excludes weather or natural conditions that are common enough to be foreseeable in that location, such as hurricanes occurring during hurricane season in Florida. Read more about Excluded Circumstances Policy: Weather, Natural Conditions, and Diseases

What is not covered

This policy only allows for cancellations related to the Events described above. Situations not covered by this policy include unexpected diseases, illnesses, or injuries; government obligations like jury duty, court appearances, or military duties; travel advisories or other government guidance that falls short of a travel ban or prohibition; cancellation or rescheduling of an event for which the reservation was made; and transportation disruptions unrelated to a covered Event, such as road closures, flight, train, bus, and ferry cancellations. If you cancel a reservation in these cases, the amount refunded will be determined by the cancellation policy that applies to your reservation.

What to do next

If we notify you or publish information confirming that this policy applies to your reservation, please follow the cancellation instructions provided. If we have informed you or published information about how this policy applies, you should be able to cancel under this policy by accessing your Trips page and canceling the impacted reservation. If you believe this policy applies to your reservation but we have not notified you or published information about the Event, please contact us to cancel your reservation. In all cases, you should be prepared to provide documentation that demonstrates how the Event has impacted you or your reservation.

Excluded Circumstances Policy: Weather, Natural Conditions, and Diseases

At Pridebnb, we value the safety and well-being of our guests and hosts. Our Exceptional Circumstances Policy is designed to provide flexibility in cancellations when unforeseen events disrupt travel plans. However, there are certain weather events, natural conditions, and diseases that are excluded from this policy as they may be more predictable or common in certain regions.

  1. Tropical Storms, Cyclones, Hurricanes, and Typhoons: Tropical cyclones, known as hurricanes, typhoons, or tropical storms in different regions, can wreak havoc on coastal areas. The frequency and intensity of these storms vary depending on the location and time of the year. For example, regions like the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea experience hurricane seasons from June through November, while the Western Pacific Ocean, which includes areas like Hong Kong and the Philippines, sees typhoons from May through September. It's essential for travelers to be aware of these patterns and plan their trips accordingly, especially during peak storm seasons.

  2. Winter Conditions and Storms: Winter conditions and storms pose challenges in various parts of the world, especially in the Northern Hemisphere during the colder months of December through February. Areas in North America, Europe, and Asia may experience heavy snow, ice, and freezing temperatures, affecting transportation and daily activities. Similarly, the Southern Hemisphere, including regions like Argentina, Chile, and New Zealand, may encounter winter weather from June through September. Travelers visiting these regions should prepare for winter conditions and consider potential disruptions to their plans.

  3. Endemic Diseases: Endemic diseases are illnesses that are commonly found in specific regions, and the risk of infection persists throughout the year. These diseases are often reported by public health authorities, and travelers should take necessary precautions when visiting affected areas. For instance, certain parts of Africa and the Middle East are known for diseases like cholera, hepatitis, malaria, and meningitis. Asia is prone to cholera, dengue, malaria, and tuberculosis, while Latin America and the Caribbean face challenges with diseases like cholera, dengue, and yellow fever. In Australia, travelers should be cautious about diseases like hepatitis and measles, and in Europe, hepatitis, tick-borne illnesses, and tuberculosis are of concern. The United States and Canada grapple with hepatitis, tick-borne illnesses, and tuberculosis. Understanding these health risks is crucial when planning a trip and taking necessary health precautions.

While our Exceptional Circumstances Policy doesn't cover cancellations related to these excluded circumstances, we strongly encourage our guests and hosts to stay informed about the risks associated with their travel destinations. Conducting thorough research, reviewing host cancellation policies, and considering travel insurance can help mitigate the impact of unexpected disruptions. At Pridebnb, we are committed to providing a safe and inclusive platform for our community, and we aim to empower travelers and hosts with the information they need to make well-informed decisions.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.