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Navigating Peace of Mind: Rebooking and Refund Policy

At Pridebnb, we recognize that the unexpected can occur, disrupting travel plans for both guests and hosts. Our Rebooking and Refund Policy aims to provide a fair and efficient framework, offering reassurance and flexibility in case of unforeseen changes or cancellations, ensuring a worry-free experience for those booking accommodations through our platform.

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Rebooking and Refund Policy

At Pridebnb, we understand that sometimes plans change or unexpected issues arise that can disrupt travel arrangements. Our Rebooking and Refund Policy aims to provide fair and efficient assistance to both guests and hosts in such situations.

This policy outlines how we prioritize our guests' peace of mind by offering travel flexibility, rebooking assistance, and refund guarantees in case of any unexpected disruptions or cancellations, ensuring a worry-free experience when booking accommodations through our platform. Let's delve into the details of how this policy works:

Host Cancellation before Check-in

If a host cancels a reservation prior to the scheduled check-in date, the guest will automatically receive a full refund. In cases where the host cancels within 30 days of check-in, and the guest contacts us, we will also assist the guest in finding comparable or better accommodations.

Travel Issues Disrupting a Stay

Travel Issues refer to various situations that may impact the guest's stay. These include host cancellations, failure to provide access to accommodations, undisclosed presence of the host, another person, or a pet during the stay, and accommodations being uninhabitable due to cleanliness, safety or health hazards, pests, or inaccuracies in the listing description.

If a Travel Issue is discovered, the guest must report it to us within 72 hours. We will evaluate the evidence provided by the guest, such as photographs or confirmation from the host, to determine the validity of the claim.

If a Travel Issue is confirmed, we will provide a full or partial refund to the guest, depending on the severity of the issue and its impact on the stay. In some cases, we may also assist the guest in finding alternative accommodations for the remaining nights of their stay if they choose to vacate the affected accommodations.

Host Implications

When a host cancels a reservation or a Travel Issue is confirmed, the host's payout may be affected. The host will either receive no payout or have their payout reduced by the amount refunded to the guest.

Hosts have the opportunity to dispute a Travel Issue by contacting us directly.

Important Considerations

This Policy applies to all reservations made on or after the Effective Date and takes precedence over the reservation's cancellation policy.

Guests are encouraged to notify the host and attempt to resolve any Travel Issue directly before submitting a claim. Refunds or rebooking assistance provided by the host directly will be considered while determining the resolution under this Policy.

We may offer guests the option of applying the value of a canceled reservation to new accommodations or receiving travel credit instead of a cash refund.

Late reporting of a Travel Issue may be allowed in certain circumstances where timely reporting was not feasible.

It's essential to note that Travel Issues caused by guests, co-travelers, or their invitees or pets are not covered by this Policy. Submitting a fraudulent claim is a violation of our Terms of Service and may lead to account termination.

The decisions made under this Policy are binding but do not affect other contractual or statutory rights available to guests or hosts. Legal action rights remain unaffected. Please remember that this Policy applies to stays

As always, our team is here to support you through any travel challenges, ensuring that your Pridebnb experience is pleasant and hassle-free. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support.