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Nondiscrimination Policy

Welcome to Pridebnb, the vibrant and safe gay (LGBTQ+) travel community where we celebrate diversity and embrace inclusivity. Our Nondiscrimination Policy stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering an environment where LGBTQ+ hosts and guests are valued, respected, and free from any form of discrimination. Additionally learn how to report any instances of discrimination that you encounter on Pridebnb to help us maintain an inclusive and welcoming community for all LGBTQ+ travelers and hosts.

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Emphasizing LGBTQ+ Inclusivity on Pridebnb

Last updated: August 1, 2023

At Pridebnb, we take immense pride in being a fun, friendly, and safe travel community exclusively dedicated to the LGBTQ+ family. Our mission is to create a space where LGBTQ+ individuals from all walks of life feel respected, cherished, and embraced, celebrating their unique identities and fostering unforgettable experiences.

Inclusive Community

At the heart of Pridebnb lies a commitment to inclusivity, authentic hospitality, and open-mindedness. We stand firm against any form of discrimination or intolerance within our community, ensuring that every member feels valued, welcome, and free to express their true selves, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other aspect of their identity that makes them shine.

Respectful Interactions

As part of the LGBTQ+ family, we acknowledge that cultural norms and laws vary globally. Pridebnb expects all our hosts, guests, and users to engage with each other respectfully, even amidst differing views. Our vibrant LGBTQ+ community brings together diverse backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs, fostering understanding and appreciation for one another.

Guidance for Hosts and Guests within the LGBTQ+ Community

  1. Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity:

    • Pridebnb hosts may not decline a booking or impose different terms based on sexual orientation or gender identity.
    • Posting any listing or making any statement that discourages or indicates a preference for or against any guest based on sexual orientation or gender identity is strictly prohibited.
  2. Gender Identity:

    • Pridebnb does not assign a gender identity to users. We honor and respect the gender identity that individuals identify and/or designate on their user profiles.
    • Hosts may not decline a booking based on gender identity, except where shared living spaces (e.g., bathroom, kitchen, or common areas) are involved.
    • Hosts are not permitted to impose different terms or conditions based on gender identity, unless sharing living spaces with the guest.
    • Pridebnb hosts should use inclusive language and ensure that their guests feel respected and valued regardless of their gender identity.
  3. Disability:

    • Pridebnb hosts may not decline a guest based on any actual or perceived disability.
    • Hosts may not impose any different terms or conditions based on a guest's disability.
    • Refusing to provide reasonable accommodations, flexibility, or engage in dialogue with guests regarding their specific needs is not acceptable.
  4. Respect for Personal Preferences:

    • Apart from the protections mentioned above, Pridebnb hosts are free to decline bookings based on factors that are not prohibited by law. For example, hosts may decline bookings with pets or guests who smoke.

Pridebnb remains steadfast in upholding this LGBTQ+ inclusive Nondiscrimination Policy throughout our platform. We are devoted to ensuring that every LGBTQ+ host and guest feels celebrated, cherished, and at home within our global Pridebnb family. Together, we will continue to build a world where diversity is embraced, love is celebrated, and the LGBTQ+ community thrives.

If you have any questions or require additional guidance, our support team is ready to assist you.

How to Report Discrimination on Pridebnb

At Pridebnb, we prioritize creating a safe and inclusive community for all our LGBTQ+ members. If you come across content on profiles, listings, or messages that you believe violates our nondiscrimination policy, you can easily report it by clicking or tapping the flag icon. If you're using the Pridebnb app, simply tap the more icon and then select "Report" to report a message.

For in-person incidents or detailed reports, you can contact our support team, providing specific details and identifying the person involved. We take discrimination reports seriously and conduct thorough investigations, offering personalized support if needed to find an alternative accommodation.

Please remember that in emergency situations or if your personal safety is at risk, contact local law enforcement or emergency services immediately.

Ensuring Harmonious Neighbor Relations

To maintain a harmonious relationship with your neighbors, we advise both Hosts and guests to communicate directly and resolve any issues that may arise during a stay. Here are some helpful tips to avoid potential disagreements with neighbors:

  1. Confirm with your guests that they've read and agreed to your house rules before the reservation begins.
  2. Set your house rules to include a prohibition on parties or events.
  3. Clearly state in your listing description that parties and events are not allowed.
  4. Specify a maximum number of guests for your space.
  5. Inform guests about appropriate parking locations.
  6. Display your house rules and any building rules prominently at your place.
  7. Let your neighbors know when guests will be staying at your listing.

For more information on being a good neighbor, please refer to our "Being a Good Neighbor Policy."

Understanding Neighbor Hosts on Pridebnb

As a community, we encourage everyone to be considerate neighbors, whether they are guests or Hosts on Pridebnb. If your neighbor is a Host, rest assured that we emphasize responsibility and trust within our community.

Hosts are committed to being responsible and respectful members of their neighborhoods and communities. Our robust Community Standards and Being a Good Neighbor policy help ensure that both Hosts and guests can learn about each other and make informed decisions during their stay, fostering a safe and secure environment for everyone.