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Community Standards and Being Good Neighbors

Discover our Community Standards, which serve as guiding principles for behavior within the Pridebnb community, emphasizing trust, fairness, authenticity, and safety for all LGBTQ+ members. Additionally, explore our guidelines for being a considerate and respectful neighbor on Pridebnb, promoting harmony and understanding within the LGBTQ+ community and the neighborhoods we share.

Pridebnb Community Standards

At Pridebnb, our mission is to create a world where everyone feels a sense of belonging, rooted in trust and respect for one another. To ensure a safe and inclusive community for all our LGBTQ+ members, we have established these Community Standards that govern host and guest behavior and reflect the core values of our global community.

In this guide, we outline our commitment to safety, security, fairness, authenticity, and reliability. These pillars form the foundation of our efforts to foster a community that promotes safety and genuine connections among our members.


Embarking on your Pridebnb experience is all about embracing adventure, and that's only possible when you feel secure in our community. We require all members to refrain from endangering or threatening others. For more details on host and guest safety, please review our comprehensive policy.

Our commitment to safety includes:

  1. Prohibiting physical or sexual assault, harassment, domestic violence, or any form of violence against others.
  2. Strictly forbidding involvement with dangerous organizations, such as terrorist, organized criminal, or violent racist groups.
  3. Taking suicide, self-injury, eating disorders, and hard drug abuse seriously, with a focus on providing assistance to those in crisis.


When you become part of the Pridebnb community, whether as a host or guest, you can trust that your security is our priority. We expect all members to respect others' property, personal information, and belongings.

To maintain security, we strictly prohibit:

  1. Theft, vandalism, or extortion, including taking someone's property without permission, damaging property, or threatening others to gain compensation or advantages.
  2. Engaging in spam, phishing, fraud, or any form of deceptive behavior.
  3. Violating others' privacy or intellectual property rights, including unauthorized use of surveillance cameras or accessing others' accounts without permission.


Our global LGBTQ+ community is diverse and vibrant, held together by the principle of fairness. Treating everyone with respect is fundamental to fostering trust and creating a sense of belonging.

Our commitment to fairness includes:

  1. Rejecting any form of discriminatory behavior or hate speech based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, or serious diseases.
  2. Prohibiting bullying, harassment, defamation, or any attempts to shame or blackmail others.
  3. Encouraging mutual respect for neighbors and communities, avoiding disturbances, and responding to concerns promptly.


Authenticity is key to creating delightful experiences and meaningful connections within our community. Honesty, accurate information, and shared expectations contribute to a sense of trust.

To maintain authenticity, we prohibit:

  1. Misrepresenting oneself by providing false information or using accounts for unauthorized commercial purposes.
  2. Misrepresenting listings by providing inaccurate location information, misleading details, or setting up fraudulent listings.
  3. Failing to disclose hazards and habitability issues in listings, ensuring transparency for all guests.


In the Pridebnb community, trust is built on reliability. Each member's commitment to timely communication, accurate information, and fulfilling expectations is crucial to our collective sense of trust.

We promote reliability by discouraging:

  1. Offering uninhabitable spaces with poor cleanliness, lack of essential amenities, or lack of dedicated restroom facilities.
  2. Breaking commitments, such as late cancellations or failing to adhere to house rules.
  3. Being unresponsive or refusing to participate in our resolution process.

By adhering to these Community Standards, we create a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for our LGBTQ+ community to connect, explore, and celebrate together.

Being a Good Neighbor on Pridebnb

At Pridebnb, we believe in fostering a sense of community that extends beyond our platform to include those around us. This means respecting our neighbors and ensuring that our actions do not disturb or agitate the community we are a part of.

In this guide, we outline what is allowed and what is not allowed in terms of interactions with neighbors, helping you create a harmonious environment for all.

What We Do Allow

  1. Host-Designed Rules: We encourage Hosts to clearly communicate their expectations to guests through their house rules, listing descriptions, and Airbnb message threads. While Pridebnb sets minimum standards, Hosts can include additional guidelines tailored to their specific neighborhood.

  2. Professional Hospitality Events: Professional hospitality businesses, such as hotels or bed and breakfasts, are allowed to host large-scale events as long as they do not disrupt the surrounding community or create a nuisance.

What We Don't Allow

  1. Disruptive Gatherings: Any gatherings that threaten safety or disturb the surrounding community, regardless of size, are strictly prohibited. Learn more about our community disturbance rules, which include restrictions against disruptive parties and events.

  2. "Party House" Listings: Hosts, unless operating as part of a professional hospitality business, should not encourage or allow disruptive gatherings, parties, or events in their listings or elsewhere.

  3. Community Nuisances: Disruptive behaviors, such as excessive smoking near neighbors or in prohibited areas, littering, creating excessive noise, or obstructing neighbors' access to their homes, are not allowed.

We're Here to Help

If you ever feel threatened or unsafe, please reach out to local law enforcement authorities for immediate assistance. Additionally, if you witness or experience behavior that violates our policies, please inform us, as we are committed to maintaining a respectful and safe community for all.