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Welcome to Pridebnb's comprehensive guide on setting the right price for your LGBTQ+ travel listing. In this article, we'll explore the importance of streamlined pricing and transparent fees to create a delightful stay experience, as well as strategies for managing nightly, weekly, and monthly pricing to attract more guests and maximize your earnings.

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Setting the Right Price for Your Listing

At Pridebnb, we want you to maximize your earnings while providing a great experience for your guests. Here are some tips to help you decide on the perfect price for your listing:

  1. Understand the Total Guest Price: At Pridebnb, pricing is straightforward.

    • You determine the price for your listings, which is what guests pay.
    • Pridebnb applies a small percentage service fee. To support our platform and provide customer support, we charge a service fee when a booking is confirmed. Learn more about our service fees.
    • The remaining amount is what you'll earn for each night or the entire trip.
  2. Compare with Similar Listings: Utilize the similar listings feature to compare your price with similar listings in your area that have been booked. This will give you valuable insights into your pricing strategy.

  3. Offer Discounts: Consider offering discounts for weekly or monthly stays to attract guests who prefer longer durations.

Streamlined Pricing and Transparent Fees for a Pleasant Stay

At Pridebnb, we believe in providing transparent pricing to ensure a delightful experience for both Hosts and guests.

It is required that hosts must include all fees in one total amount, eliminating surprises and fostering trust among our community.

Include all potential extra charges (see below) in your listing price:

  1. Cleaning Fees: If applicable, incorporate cleaning fees into your listing to provide clarity to guests.

  2. Extra Fees for Additional Guests: If your property can accommodate more guests than the standard limit, adjust your listing price accordingly. Hosts are not permitted to add fees for each guest beyond the standard number. For example, if your listing indicates a capacity of 4 guests but the group includes a 5th and 6th guest, modify the listing price accordingly.

  3. Extra Fees for Pets: Service animals are always welcome and free of charge. For regular pets or emotional support animals, hosts can decide whether to allow them. Clearly specify the maximum number and size of pets allowed in your listing. For instance, you may allow up to two midsize dogs (up to 30 pounds).

Should there be a need to charge extra fees, such as the ones mentioned above, please contact the support team. While we strongly discourage this practice, we will evaluate the issue to determine the appropriateness of charging additional fees.

Remember, any extra fees or charges should be requested and approved by the Pridebnb support team, and handled securely through the Resolution Center.

To ensure a seamless experience for both Hosts and guests, incorporate all necessary fees into your nightly price. Transparent pricing builds trust and ensures a positive experience for all members of our LGBTQ+ travel community.

Nightly, Weekly and Monthly Pricing

Setting and Customizing Nightly Pricing

Your default nightly price will appear on all dates. If you wish to modify the prices for specific nights, such as holidays or special events, to make the most of high-demand periods:

  • Go to "Your homes"
  • Select the list you wish to modify and click "Edit listing"
  • Click on "Pricing."
  • Enter your 'temporary' new price.
  • Click "Save changes" to save your changes.

Weekly and Monthly Discounts

Encourage longer stays by offering weekly or monthly discounts. We recommend offering discounts of 10% or more to help attract guests looking for extended stays. To learn more about discounts, please visit the special offers and discount page.

With a well-considered pricing strategy, you'll attract more guests and ensure a successful and rewarding experience on Pridebnb. Please visit the Resource center for our comprehensive guide to pricing your listing.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team.