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Pridebnb Service Fees

At Pridebnb, we are dedicated to delivering a seamless hosting experience. To ensure the continued availability of our platform and the enhancement of our services, we apply a service fee when bookings are confirmed. This article will provide you with an insight into our fee structure, including host-only fees and Value Added Tax (VAT) charges, offering transparency and clarity on how these fees may affect your hosting experience.

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Pridebnb Fee Structure

At Pridebnb, we are committed to offering a seamless and dependable platform for our users. To cover the operational expenses involved in maintaining and improving our services, we implement a service fee upon confirmation of a booking.

In this fee structure, the fee is deducted from the host's payout (2%) and added to the guest's payment (5%). The standard platform fee typically stands at 7%, encompassing 2.9% plus 30 cents for Stripe processing fees.

The hosts-only fee is obligatory for conventional hospitality listings, such as hotels, serviced apartments, and similar accommodations. It also applies to hosts using software connections, except for those whose primary listings are in the USA, Canada, the Bahamas, Mexico, Argentina, Taiwan, or Uruguay. Despite Pridebnb's listings operating within the US, it adheres to the hosts-only fee model for traditional hospitality listings.

Comparatively, platforms like Airbnb levy a 3% fee on hosts and a higher fee ranging between 12-15% on guests.

VAT Charges

Depending on the applicable jurisdiction, Value Added Tax (VAT) may be levied on the service fees mentioned above. The service fee displayed includes VAT, where applicable, in compliance with the relevant laws.

Therefore, if you're booking as a guest, VAT may apply to your reservation. However, if you're a host as well, it's important to understand that Pridebnb is not responsible for tax collection. The responsibility for collecting taxes lies with the host. Our primary goal is to ensure a smooth and legally compliant payment process for all users, whether hosting or booking.

For more information on tax obligations as a host, please read the full article.

Notice of Fee Changes

Please note that we reserve the right to modify our service fees at any time. In such cases, we will provide you with advance notice of any fee changes before they become effective. It's important to understand that any fee adjustments will not impact bookings made prior to the effective date of the fee change.

We believe in transparency and want our users to have a clear understanding of our service fees. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact our support team. We are here to assist you.