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Creating and Managing your Listings

Welcome to the ultimate guide on creating and managing your Pridebnb listings. Whether you're a new host or a seasoned pro, this comprehensive resource will walk you through every step, from crafting compelling descriptions to mastering the art of SEO. Get ready to optimize your listings and become a top-notch Pridebnb host. Discover the key steps to create and manage your Pridebnb listings effectively. From crafting captivating descriptions to optimizing your pricing, we've got you covered. Let's dive into the world of Pridebnb hosting!

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Create your Listing

To create your listing, and eventually make it visible to potential guests in search results and on your profile page, go to "Host your home" and follow these steps:

Description Template

When setting up your Pridebnb listing, it's essential to follow this template to provide clear and detailed information to your guests. Here is the example of a listing description:

  • 4 guests · 2 bedrooms · 2 beds · 2 baths: Specify the maximum guest capacity, along with the number of bedrooms, beds, and bathrooms in your accommodation.
  • ⸻ SPECIAL FEATURES (optional). Read more here.
  • ⸻ YOUR SPACE: Describe your place in detail, highlighting its unique features and amenities to attract potential guests.
  • GUEST AREAS: Specify which areas of your property guests can access during their stay, ensuring they know what's available to them.
  • IMPORTANT DETAILS: Share any additional details, instructions, or special considerations that guests should be aware of before booking.
  • ⸻ HOUSE RULES: Clearly outline your rules and expectations for guests, divided into sections for Check-in and out, During Your Stay, and Before Leaving.
  1. Check-in and out: Provide instructions for a smooth check-in process and explain the checkout procedure to ensure a positive guest experience. The default check-in time is 3:00 PM, and checkout is at 11:00 AM (local time), unless otherwise indicated by the host. If you have specific check-in and checkout preferences that differ from the default times, please write it here.
  2. During Your Stay: Set guidelines for guests to follow while staying in your space, ensuring their safety and comfort.
  3. Before Leaving: Specify any requirements or tasks guests should complete before checking out.
  • SAFETY AND PROPERTY: Address safety measures in and around your listing and provide necessary information to ensure a secure and enjoyable stay for your guests.
  • ⸻ CANCELLATION POLICY: Clearly state your cancellation policy, explaining any penalties or refund conditions in case guests need to modify or cancel their reservation.

If you need help with your description or have any questions, please reach out to our support team. We are here to help.


Under the "Details" section, provide the essential information:

  • Listing title: Choose a catchy title that highlights the unique aspects of your home.
  • Description: Write a detailed and inviting description that showcases what makes your place special.
  • Category: Select the appropriate category that best fits your property (e.g., apartment, house, villa).
  • Accommodates: Select the number of guests that your space can comfortably accommodate, encompassing infants and children. Infants (those under 2 years old) are not counted as guests. Certain Hosts may consider children (over 2 years old) within the guest count, potentially leading to an additional guest fee for the booking.
  • Number of bedrooms, beds, and bathrooms: Specify the sleeping arrangements and amenities available.
  • Essential amenities: Check all the amenities your home offers, ensuring guests know what to expect.
  • Features: Highlight any distinctive features your home boasts, like a pool, fireplace, or garden.
  • Accessibility: Mention any accessibility features or considerations for potential guests.
  • Safety: Outline the safety measures in place to provide a secure and worry-free stay.
  • Pet-friendly: Let guests know whether pets are allowed in your home or not.
  • Location: Please accurately specify the region where your home is situated, such as desert, mountain, ocean or other available options. While your home might fall under multiple locations, for example waterfront and urban, please select the one option that better describes it. Being specific will greatly assist guests in their search, making it easier for them to find your property. Please note that this information does not include your actual address. That's coming up next.

By providing detailed and accurate information, you make it easier for guests to filter their search and discover your listing amidst many others. This enhances your chances of attracting the right guests to your home. Learn more about managing your listing and listing details.


In the "Location" section, follow these guidelines for entering your home address:

  1. Enter the complete home address if you're comfortable sharing it with potential guests.
  2. If you prefer to keep your exact address private, you can input the street name without the specific number.
  3. However, once a guest confirms a booking, it's essential to provide them with the precise address, including any additional details like Apartment, Suite, or Building numbers, if applicable.

Ensuring accuracy and transparency with your confirmed guests will lead to a smoother booking experience, while still maintaining your privacy preferences for the public view.


  1. Under "Pricing", enter the price per night.
  2. At Pridebnb, we believe in simplicity and transparency. That's why we encourage hosts to include all extra charges, such as cleaning services, linen change, additional person fees, and pet fees, in the listing price. By doing so, we aim to prevent any misunderstandings, unpleasant surprises, and potential legal issues for both hosts and guests.

For more detailed information on setting the right pricing for your listing, please refer to the article setting the right price for your listing.


  1. Under "Availability", and set your default weekly schedule by clicking "Set default schedule."
  2. After that you can adjust the availability for each day.

Learn more how to manage bookings and availability.


  1. Under "Photos," click "+ Add a photo..." and begin uploading your images.
  2. Start by uploading the best 2-3 photos of your home. These images capture the attention of potential guests, so choose ones that showcase your property in the most appealing way.
  3. Use different angles and a good quality camera to ensure your main photos stand out.
  4. For the remaining images, focus more on showcasing the rooms and spaces available to your guests. While they should also be of good quality, prioritize highlighting the key areas of your listing.

Remember, high-quality and captivating photos can significantly impact the attractiveness of your listing and ultimately lead to more bookings. Learn more about adding and editing photos.

Publish, Draft, Edit

When you enter partial information for your listing, for example just the title and description, and then exit the page before completing it, the details will be saved as a Draft.

  • To resume working on your listing, simply go to "Your home," and click on "Finish listing." If you're ready to publish the listing, click "Save changes."

  • To publish a listing, make sure to provide all the required information and then click "Save changes" to save the details and publish the listing. For new listings, it will be published immediately. However, if you're updating an existing listing, it may take up to an hour for the changes to appear in search results.

  • If you need to edit an existing listing, head to "Your home," click on "Edit listing," add any necessary information, and then click "Save changes." Similar to updates, it may take up to an hour for the changes to reflect in search results.

Should you decide to remove an existing listing, whether it's in "Draft" or "Live" mode, please visit the article on pausing, closing, or deleting Your listing.

From First Booking to Superfab Host: Understanding SEO

SEO is the art of maximizing your listing's visibility on Pridebnb's search result pages and securing your first booking. When potential guests search for rentals in your area, your goal is to rank as close to the #1 position as possible. To achieve this, you must consider the following fundamental principles of Pridebnb SEO:

  1. Make Guests Happy: The Pridebnb algorithm prioritizes quality, popularity, and price to generate results that meet guests' needs. Enhance your listing's quality with appealing photos, accurate descriptions, and positive reviews. Aim for popularity by engaging with guests and offering desirable amenities. Offer competitive pricing to attract more guests.

  2. Watch Your Competitors: Continuously monitor your competition in the area. Regularly update your listing based on their performance and market trends. Adjust your pricing to match or outperform similar properties. Adapt your amenities to exceed guest expectations.

Make sure to read the 23 Proven SEO Tips for Higher Rankings article and how to become a Superfab.

Pausing, Closing, or Deleting Your Listing

If you want to stop receiving new reservations and remove your listing from search results, you have several options: pause, close, or delete your listing. Choose the best approach for managing your listing:

Pause your Listing

Temporarily halt reservations for a specific period by editing your default schedule:

  • Go to Your Home
  • Select "Edit default schedule."
  • Uncheck the day(s) of the week you want to pause reservations.
  • Click "Save changes."

If you need to extend the pause period, use "Add an availability exemption" to customize availability.

Close your Listing

Temporarily close your listing until you are ready to receive reservations again. This option allows you to reopen it when you're prepared.

  • Message the Pridebnb support team to request the temporary closure of your listing.
  • When you're ready to accept reservations again, contact the support team to request reopening.

Delete your Listing

If you no longer plan to host your place, you can delete your listing permanently (note: confirmed reservations must be completed):

  • Message the Pridebnb support team to request permanent deletion of your listing. This action cannot be undone.

During any of these actions, if you have confirmed reservations, you must still host your guests as planned.

Listing Suspension or Removal Under Ground Rules for Hosts

To ensure comfortable and reliable stays for guests, we have ground rules that all Hosts must follow. In cases of policy violations, we may provide warnings initially, but repeated or severe violations can result in temporary suspension or removal of listings.

For more information on listing suspensions, existing reservations, and the steps after suspension, see our article on ground rules enforcement.

Ground Rules for Hosts

How to Ensure Comfortable Stays for Guests

As an Pridebnb host, it is essential to adhere to certain ground rules to create a positive and reliable experience for your guests. These rules cover various aspects of hosting, including reservation commitment, timely communication, listing accuracy, and listing cleanliness. Meeting these requirements helps maintain high review ratings, which are crucial for attracting guests and ensuring repeat business.

Let's dive into the details of each ground rule:

  1. Reservation Commitment

Hosts should honor accepted reservations and provide a reliable check-in experience for guests. Cancellations should be avoided, unless due to valid reasons beyond the host's control. In such cases, hosts are encouraged to cancel with as much lead time as possible and reach out to Pridebnb for assistance.

  1. Timely Communication

Hosts or co-hosts should be available to respond promptly to guest inquiries and unexpected issues before and during their stays. The response time depends on the nature of the guest's inquiry and the stage of their trip. For example:

  • Before the stay: Respond within three days of receiving a message if check-in is more than five days away.
  • Leading up to check-in and during the stay: Respond within 1 hour to guest messages received during local daytime hours for urgent issues.
  1. Listing Accuracy

Ensure that your listing accurately describes the home and reflects the features and amenities available during the guest's stay. Do not change booking details without the guest's prior consent, and provide accurate location information, property setup, and amenity disclosures.

  1. Listing Cleanliness

Before guest check-in, your listing should be clean and free of health hazards. This includes maintaining health and safety standards and ensuring a high level of cleanliness throughout the property.

  1. Reporting a Violation

Pridebnb encourages guests to promptly report any violations of these ground rules. If a guest encounters a suspected or actual violation, they should communicate with the host first to resolve the issue. Documenting the problem through the Pridebnb message thread and providing photos can be helpful. If the host is unable to resolve the issue, guests can contact Pridebnb for assistance or request a refund through the Resolution Center. Leaving an honest review with feedback will also aid in improving the host's services for future guests.

  1. Enforcing the Ground Rules

Pridebnb is committed to enforcing these ground rules to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for guests. When a violation is reported, Pridebnb will contact the host to understand the situation. Actions taken may include providing information about the policy, issuing warnings, suspending or removing the host or their listings from the platform for repeated or severe violations.

  1. Appealing Violations

Hosts have the right to appeal decisions under this policy by contacting customer support or following the link provided to start the appeals process. Pridebnb will review the appeal, considering any additional details provided by the host, such as new or corrected information, violations of the Reviews Policy, or other relevant circumstances related to the violation(s).

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. We are here to assist you every step of the way.