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Listing Details: Tips and Guidelines

In this comprehensive article, we will cover essential aspects of managing your Pridebnb listing to provide a seamless and delightful experience for your guests:

In this article

Amenities and Guest Resources

Enhance your guests' stay by highlighting the amenities you offer. Guests can filter their search based on these amenities, so make sure to provide accurate information and showcase the resources available for their comfort and convenience.

Editing Your Listing

Keeping your listing up-to-date is essential to attract guests. You can easily make changes to your listing anytime, such as updating the title, description, pricing, and availability. Here's how:

  • Go to the Menu and select Listings.
  • Choose the listing you want to edit.
  • Click on "Edit listing."
  • Make the desired changes under "Listing description."
  • Click "Save changes."

Please note that it may take up to an hour for changes to reflect on your public listing.

Adding Amenities to Your Listing

Enhance your guests' experience by adding amenities to your listing. Guests often filter their search based on amenities, so highlighting them is essential. Go to Amenities in your listing and make your selections. Available categories include Bathroom, Bedroom and Laundry, Entertainment, Family, Heating and Cooling, Home Safety, Internet and Office, Kitchen and Dining, Location Features, Outdoor, Parking and Facilities, and Services.

Setting House Rules

As a Host, you can establish house rules to set expectations for your guests, such as smoking restrictions or pet permissions. Guests will need to agree to these rules before booking your place. To add or edit house rules:

Go to Listings and select the listing you want to modify.

  • Write a section titled HOUSE RULES under "Listing description."
  • Include the rules you're comfortable with while ensuring a positive guest experience.
  • Save your changes.

Please note: When setting up your Pridebnb listing, it's essential to follow this template in order to provide clear and detailed information to your guests.

Adding Accessibility Features

Welcoming more guests to your place is possible by adding accessibility features. Many guests search for listings that cater to specific requirements. Follow these steps to include accessibility features:

  • Ensure your listing is published.
  • Edit your listing by room and highlight each accessibility feature with at least one clear photo.

Remember, if you're connected to Pridebnb through a channel manager or property management software, you may need to update accessibility amenities via your API software.

Guest Manuals and Guidebooks

Make your guests feel at home by creating a thoughtful guest manual and guidebook. The guest manual can include essential details for guests, while the guidebook can suggest local attractions and restaurants. These resources can be accessed only by guests with confirmed reservations.

Disclosing Security Devices

Ensuring security while respecting guests' privacy is vital. Be transparent about the presence of any security cameras or recording devices in your listing, even if they're not active or hidden.

In summary, updating your listing with accurate information, highlighting amenities, being clear about house rules and accessibility features, and providing thoughtful resources for guests can create a welcoming and memorable experience for your guests. Should you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to explore our Resource Center or reach out to our support team.


The location of your listing plays a significant role in attracting guests. We'll guide you on how to present your property's location effectively, showcasing nearby attractions, landmarks, and transportation options to help guests make informed decisions.

Edit Your Listing Address

To make changes to your listing's address, follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Your homes" and select the listing you want to modify.
  2. Under "Edit your listing"," click on "Location."
  3. Enter the "Address," and "Apt, suite, building number (optional)."
    • If you prefer to keep your exact address private, you can input the street name without the specific number.
    • However, once a guest confirms a booking, it's essential to provide them with the precise address, including any additional details like Apartment, Suite, or Building numbers, if applicable.
  4. Make the necessary changes to your address, and then click "Save changes."

Please note that you can only edit your listing's address before accepting your first booking. If you have upcoming reservations or guests have already stayed at your place, you'll need to contact us to change the address.

Map Location

Currently, the platform displays the exact location of the listings.

However, in the future, we will introduce a general location feature for public search results. When available, this will show a small circle with increased accuracy without revealing the exact address. It will also provide details about the neighborhood and its proximity to landmarks, transportation, and other points of interest.

Please note that for confirmed guests, the exact map location will always be accessible. It remains crucial to provide your confirmed guests with your listing's exact address and map location to ensure their safety and convenience.


Neighborhoods are automatically displayed in the map based on the address, using input from cartographers, locals, and city experts. If your listing is in a subset of a larger neighborhood or overlaps with another, it may appear in search results for both.

While you can't edit your neighborhood designation, you can modify your listing's address if you haven't accepted any reservations. To provide more information about your neighborhood, customize your map location or write a detailed description to offer travelers a better understanding of the area, including points of interest and public transportation options. Your insights can be invaluable to potential guests.

Confirming Your Listing Address

When listing a new place, you might be asked to confirm your address using one of these methods:

  • Method 1: Share Your Device Location. Enable sharing of your mobile device's exact GPS location to verify your listing address.
  • Method 2: Upload a Listing Photo. Upload a photo taken at your listing to verify your location.
  • Method 3: Documentation. Provide a qualifying document connecting you to the listing address, such as a utility bill, lease agreement, or property tax document.
  • Method 4: Security Code. We'll mail you a letter with a unique security code that you need to enter online to confirm your address.

Adding Check-In and Checkout Instructions to Your Listing

Creating a smooth check-in process sets a positive tone for your guests' stay. We'll provide tips and guidelines on ensuring a hassle-free check-in, including providing clear instructions, contact details, and any access codes needed.

Default Check-in and Checkout Times

If the listing description does not specify check-in or checkout times, the default check-in time is 3:00 PM, and checkout is at 11:00 AM (local time), unless otherwise indicated by the host.

If, as a host, you have specific check-in and checkout preferences that differ from the default times of 3 PM for check-in and 11 AM for checkout, you can easily provide check-in and checkout instructions for your guests to ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay. Below is how you can add or update these instructions in your listing.

Please note: The HOUSE RULES section and "Check-in and out" section must be manually added to the listing description. For more information on how to write your listing description, please follow this template.

Adding Check-In Instructions

  1. Go to your Listings and select the listing you want to edit.
  2. In the listing description, under HOUSE RULES, add a "Check-in and out" section, and write the method that suits your preference:
    • Smart lock: Guests open the lock with a mobile app or keypad.
    • Keypad: Guests can enter the door using a code.
    • Lockbox: The key is stored in a secure box that guests can open with a code.
    • Building staff: Someone is available 24/7 to assist guests with check-in.
    • Host greets you: A Host or Co-Host will personally meet guests to exchange the key.
    • Other: If you have a unique check-in method not listed above.
  3. Add any additional instructions to further guide your guests during check-in.
  4. Click "Save changes".

Note: Self check-in options may vary depending on your country.

Adding Checkout Instructions

  1. Go to your Listings and select the listing you want to edit.
  2. In the listing description, under HOUSE RULES add a "Check-in and out" section and write the method that suits your preference.
  3. Select the appropriate option for checkout instructions:
    • Return keys: Ask guests to return the keys before leaving.
    • Lock up: Request guests to lock the entrance door or close windows.
    • Turn things off: Remind guests to turn off appliances and lights.
    • Throw trash away: Encourage guests to dispose of trash properly.
    • Put dirty dishes in the sink: Request guests to place dirty dishes in the sink.
    • Additional requests: Any other specific checkout instructions you may have.
  4. Click Save to save the checkout instructions.

Entering Check-In and Checkout Time

As a host, you have the flexibility to set the check-in and checkout times for your listing. To modify the check-in time, follow these steps:

  1. Go to "Your homes"
  2. Click on the listing you want to edit and select "Edit listing."
  3. Click in "Details", to edit "Listing description"
  4. Under the HOUSE RULES, "Check-in and out" section of description, write your desired check-in start and end times.
  5. Under the HOUSE RULES, "Check-in and out" section of description, you can also specify a checkout time if needed.
  6. Click "Save changes" to save the changes.

Rooms and Spaces

Presenting your rooms and spaces in the best possible way is crucial to capturing guests' interest. We'll guide you on how to describe and photograph each area to highlight its unique features and ensure your listing stands out.

Add and Edit Photos

Adding and updating photos for your listing is crucial to attract prospective guests and help them make informed decisions about your place. To ensure your listing stands out, follow these steps:

  1. Photo Requirements: Provide high-quality and accurate images for your listing. The recommended resolution is at least 1024 x 683 pixels. Bigger photos are better. The maximum image size is 20 MB and 3072 x 3072 pixels. However, for optimal performance, upload smaller images, considering the thumbnail ratios on your marketplace search page.

  2. Listing Thumbnail Aspect Ratio: Listing images appear in Pridebnb marketplace's search page. The listing thumbnail aspect ratio is set to landscape (4:3).

  3. Uploading and Editing Photos:

  • Go to "Your homes" and click "Edit listing."
  • Click "Photos" to add photos or to edit your listing.
    • To add a photo, click "+ Add a photo... (JPG, GIF, or PNG)." Please note that the first picture you upload will be your cover image.
    • To change your cover photo, click (X) next to first image. The image will be deleted and the next picture will become the cover image.
  • Click "Save changes" to save the changes.
  1. Reordering Photos and Editing Photos: At the moment, these features are not available. Rest assured, we are working on introducing them in the future to enhance your listing management experience. Stay tuned for updates!

  2. Deleting Photos:

  • Click the "X" on the upper right corner of the image you wish to remove.
  • Click "Save changes" to save the changes.

Remember, changes may take up to 30 minutes to appear. For quicker uploads, use Google Chrome.

Listing Multiple Rooms

If you have multiple rooms available, create separate listings for each space. Each room should have its own calendar and listing page, accurately describing the number of beds, amenities, and shared spaces.

Add Sleeping Arrangements

Help potential guests understand the sleeping arrangements in your space. To add or edit this information:

  • Go to Listings and select the listing you want to edit.
  • Under "Edit listing", and click "Details."
  • Scroll down to "Beds", and select the number of beds available for the listing. In the listing description, please include the types of beds available based on the category you have selected:
    • If you have chosen "Room" or "Shared Room" category, kindly specify the type of beds available.
    • If you have selected "Entire Place" category, make sure to add the types of beds available for each room in the listing. This will provide valuable information for potential guests and help them plan their stay comfortably.
  • Click "Save changes" to save the changes.

By following these guidelines, you can showcase your place effectively and provide a great experience for your guests.

Professional Photography for Listings - A Guide to Stand Out

First impressions matter, and professional-quality photos can make a significant impact on guests. We'll explain the benefits of investing in high-quality images and provide tips on selecting a professional photographer to showcase your property beautifully.

You've put in the effort to create a remarkable space for your guests, from the decor to the thoughtful touches that make their stay unforgettable. Now it's time to showcase your listing with stunning photographs. Find out more about photography resources:

Before Requesting a Photo Shoot

To make the most of the professional photo shoot, ensure that your space is ready for the camera. We provide one photo shoot per listing, and it's non-refundable once initiated. So, wait until any planned changes to your space are completed before requesting a shoot.

Prepare for Your Photo Shoot

To make your listing shine in the photos, follow these tips:

  • Utilize Natural Light: Open blinds and curtains to let in natural light, creating an inviting ambiance.
  • Keep It Clean: De-clutter and clear surfaces, removing any items you don't want photographed. A clean and organized space looks more appealing.
  • Highlight Amenities: Showcase your place's special features, such as a gourmet espresso machine or luxurious amenities, to entice guests.
  • Fluffy Bedding: Ensure your bedding looks inviting and clean, ready to offer your guests a comfortable rest.
  • Tidy Bathrooms: Open the shower curtain, clean the vanity mirror, and neatly arrange towels for a neat and fresh look.
  • Consider Accessibility: If your place offers accessibility features, highlight them to cater to a wider range of guests.

What to Expect During the Photo Shoot

Once the photographer arrives, here's what you can anticipate:

  • Preparation: Review the photo-ready checklist and make sure your place is ready for the shoot.
  • Qualified Photographers: Our local photographers are experienced in shooting interiors and will capture your space's best features.
  • Walkthrough: The photographer will tour your space to familiarize themselves with the layout and plan the shoot accordingly.
  • Setting Up: After making minor adjustments, the photographer will set up their equipment.
  • Photo Shoot: The photographer will capture images based on your request, focusing on the desired number of rooms or spaces.

Photography Guidelines

Our photographers follow specific guidelines to ensure your photos accurately represent your home while setting guest expectations:

  • No Fish-eye or Wide-Angle Lenses: We avoid using lenses that distort room sizes, providing a realistic portrayal of your space.
  • No Flash Enhancement: We use natural lighting to capture the true essence of your home.
  • No Over-processing: We maintain the authenticity of your space by avoiding excessive editing that alters its appearance.
  • Realistic Angles: The photos will showcase your home from angles that would be seen naturally by a person standing in the space.

After Your Photo Shoot

Once the photo shoot is complete, our team will carefully review and edit the images to ensure your space looks its best. The approval process takes 2–4 weeks, and you'll receive at least 12 photos, though the exact number depends on your listing's size.

Our Review Process

We select images that highlight different aspects of your space, providing both wide-angle and close-up shots. If any photos require improvement, we'll work with the photographer to ensure they meet our quality standards. We avoid duplicates or images that misrepresent your home.

Saving Your Professional Photos

After approval, your photos will be uploaded directly to your listing. You can also save copies for yourself. Please refer to our post-photo shoot process for more details.

With professional photos showcasing your place, you'll attract more guests and create a lasting impression on Pridebnb!

By optimizing your listing with attractive amenities, providing helpful guest resources, showcasing your property's ideal location, ensuring a smooth check-in process, and using stunning professional photography, you can elevate your Pridebnb listing and attract more bookings from delighted guests.

If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. We are here to assist you every step of the way.