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Booking Requirements on Pridebnb

Booking Requirements on Pridebnb ensure a secure and trustworthy community. When making a booking, we require some basic information from you, such as your full name, email address, and a confirmed phone number, to ensure smooth communication and secure transactions. Hosts may also have specific requirements, like agreeing to house rules or presenting identification upon check-in. Rest assured, your privacy is a top priority, and your personal information is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, with limited details shared for a personalized and trusted experience within our community.

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Booking Requirements

Pridebnb partners with Stripe to conduct online identity verification, ensuring a secure booking process.

To ensure a safe and trustworthy community, we require some basic information from you when making a booking. Here's what we need:

  • Full Name: Provide your complete legal name for identification purposes.
  • Email Address: We use your email to communicate important reservation details and updates.
  • Confirmed Phone Number: A verified phone number helps us keep your account secure and allows hosts to contact you if needed.
  • Payment Information: Securely store your preferred payment method for seamless transactions.
  • Identity Verification: Depending on the destination and other factors, we may need to verify your identity. This may include: Legal Name and Address: In many cases, this information is sufficient for identity verification.
  • Government ID: We may request a photo of your valid government identification, such as a driver's license, passport, identity card, or visa.
  • Selfie: In certain situations, we may ask for a selfie to ensure it matches the provided government ID. If there are difficulties with this verification method, alternative options can be explored.

Host Requirements

In addition to the above, hosts may request:

  • Agreement to House Rules: Hosts may have specific rules and expectations for guests during their stay.
  • ID Check-in: Some hosts may require guests to present identification upon check-in, especially if it is specified in the house rules or required by applicable laws.

Note: Some regions have local laws that mandate guest registration with local authorities. This process may involve registering directly with the authorities or completing the registration at the accommodation on behalf of the authorities. Compliance with these requirements is essential.

Your Privacy Matters

We take your privacy seriously. Your identification information is handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy and is not shared with hosts or other guests. The following limited details may be shared:

First Name: Your first name is displayed on your profile to create a personalized experience. Verification Status: We indicate whether your identity has been verified to enhance trust within the community. Rest assured, hosts never have access to your payment information or email address, even after you've made a booking. You will receive email notifications for any messages received in your Inbox.

Hosts are accountable for handling and utilizing personal data from Guests and other individuals in compliance with relevant privacy laws and these Terms, including our Host Privacy Standards

At Pridebnb, we prioritize your privacy and strive to create a secure and enjoyable experience for all members of our community. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our booking requirements or privacy practices, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.