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Hosting Stays

Welcome to Pridebnb, the LGBTQ+ travel community that celebrates diversity and inclusivity. As a Pridebnb host, your role is pivotal in providing exceptional stays that embody the spirit of acceptance and respect. To ensure a comfortable and reliable experience for your guests, follow these guidelines that encompass everything from communication and accuracy to safety and cleanliness. Let's work together to create extraordinary memories for our LGBTQ+ travelers!

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Creating Exceptional Pridebnb Stays: Guidelines for Hosts

As an LGBTQ+ travel community, Pridebnb is committed to providing safe, reliable, and comfortable experiences for our guests. This article outlines the ground rules and expectations set for Pridebnb hosts, ensuring that every stay is exceptional and welcoming.

What We Don't Allow: Hosting without Permission and Appropriate Licenses: All Pridebnb hosts must be authorized to host and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Unreliable Communication: Hosts should be responsive and promptly address guest inquiries or issues.

Inaccurate Listings: Hosts must ensure that their listings accurately reflect the property, location, amenities, and privacy levels as described during booking.

Unsecure Stays: Hosts must provide secure access to the main entrance of their listings and provide keys or access codes for all main entry points.

Unreliable Check-ins: Hosts must offer guests the necessary information for smooth check-ins, including access codes or clear directions. Meeting guests at check-in should be honored as agreed upon.

Unclean Stays: Hosts must maintain a high standard of cleanliness, ensuring their properties are free of health hazards and cleaned between stays.

Unsafe Stays: Hosts must address any safety hazards promptly and ensure their stays are safe and free from undisclosed risks.

Arbitrage: Listing properties obtained through third-party bookings at inflated rates is not allowed. Hosts must adhere to specific rules when considering listing timeshares or similar accommodations on Pridebnb.

Animal Exploitation: Stays that exploit animals have no place on Pridebnb, and hosts must adhere to our guidelines for animal welfare.

Ground Rules for Hosts

Positive Review Ratings: Hosts should maintain a high overall review rating and focus on providing excellent reservation commitment, timely communication, accurate listing details, and cleanliness.

Reservation Commitment: Hosts must honor accepted reservations and ensure a reliable check-in experience for guests.

Timely Communication: Hosts should respond to guest inquiries and issues promptly, with reasonable response times depending on the nature and stage of the guest's trip.

Listing Accuracy: Hosts must accurately describe their listings, including location, type, size, privacy, property details, amenities, and house rules.

Listing Cleanliness: All listings must be clean and free of health hazards before guest check-in, with regular cleaning between stays.

Please read the full article on Ground Rules for Hosts.

Reporting Violations

Pridebnb encourages guests to report any violations of the ground rules promptly. Guests should communicate with hosts to resolve issues, document the problem, and contact Pridebnb if needed. Honesty in reviews is encouraged to help hosts improve their services.

Enforcement of Ground Rules

Pridebnb is dedicated to enforcing these ground rules to maintain a safe and welcoming environment. Reported violations will be reviewed, and appropriate actions will be taken, including warnings, suspensions, or removal of hosts or listings if necessary.

Appealing Violations

Hosts have the option to appeal decisions related to policy violations by contacting customer support or following the provided appeals process. Additional information or circumstances may be considered during the appeal review.

Pridebnb believes that adherence to these ground rules will foster an inclusive and outstanding travel experience for LGBTQ+ travelers worldwide. We appreciate your commitment to making Pridebnb stays extraordinary!