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Community Expectations

At Pridebnb, we believe that creating a welcoming and respectful community is vital to fostering positive travel experiences. As a guest, you play a crucial role in upholding certain standards to ensure a harmonious environment for yourself, your Hosts, their neighbors, and the broader community.

In this article

Respecting Surrounding Communities

When you book a stay with Pridebnb, it's essential to be mindful of the surrounding community and its rules. This includes adhering to designated quiet hours, parking regulations, and disposing of trash and debris properly in designated areas. By respecting these guidelines, you contribute to a positive experience for both yourself and the local community.

Adhering to Reservation Agreements

As a guest, it's important to follow the rules set by your Host for each reservation. These rules should align with Pridebnb's terms and policies. Common reservation agreements include check-in and checkout times, the number of guests allowed, and any specific rules related to pets, smoking, or commercial film/photography. Effective communication with your Host is essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable stay.

Respecting the Space

When staying at a Pridebnb accommodation, it's crucial to leave the place in a respectful state. Avoid causing excessive damage or leaving the premises in need of deep cleaning or repairs beyond normal wear and tear. The cleaning fees charged are intended to cover standard cleaning between reservations, and guests are expected to maintain the property's cleanliness and condition during their stay.

Tampering with Security Devices

For your safety and the safety of others, it is strictly prohibited to tamper with any security devices provided by the Host that are properly disclosed and allowed. These devices are in place to ensure a secure environment and must be respected.

Access of Personal Property

During your stay, certain areas may be designated as off-limits, locked, or containing personal or confidential information. It is crucial to respect these boundaries and not access areas where you are not permitted to do so.

Community Disturbance Policy

At Pridebnb, we value the peace and well-being of our community. Disruptive gatherings, excessive noise, trespassing, vandalism, or any actions that cause disturbances to the community are not allowed during your stay or Experience. By adhering to this policy, you help maintain a positive atmosphere for all guests and Hosts.

We encourage you to promptly report any behavior that goes against our policies. If you witness or experience any incidents, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. We are here to assist you and ensure that your Pridebnb experience is safe, respectful, and enjoyable. By working together, we can continue to foster a positive and inclusive community for all travelers and Hosts on Pridebnb.

Ground Rules for Guests on Pridebnb

In this article, we cover the essential ground rules that every guest on Pridebnb must adhere to in order to create a respectful and enjoyable experience for themselves and the host community.

Treat Your Host’s Home Like Your Own

When staying at a Pridebnb accommodation, it's important to treat the property with care and respect, just as you would your own home. Following these guidelines will ensure a pleasant stay for everyone involved.

a. Cleanliness: Guests should not leave the listing in a state that requires excessive or deep cleaning. This includes avoiding moldy dishes, soiled carpets, and stains from pets. The cleaning fees charged by hosts are meant to cover standard cleaning between reservations, such as laundry and vacuuming.

b. Litter: Guests are expected to dispose of their trash in designated receptacles and be mindful of excessive amounts of trash.

c. Damage: If guests cause damage beyond normal wear and tear, they should inform hosts promptly and work together to find a reasonable solution. Guests are responsible for reimbursing hosts for any damage, missing items, or unexpected cleaning costs.

Follow the Host's Standard House Rules

To ensure a harmonious stay, guests must adhere to the specific house rules set by their hosts. These rules should align with Pridebnb's policies and help maintain a welcoming environment for all.

a. Approved Guests: Guests should respect the approved number of guests and seek approval from the host if unsure about the rules for visitors. Disruptive gatherings are strictly prohibited to maintain a peaceful community ambiance.

b. Check-in Time: Guests should respect their host's designated check-in window and obtain prior approval if they need to check in before or after the specified time.

c. Checkout Time: Guests must complete checkout, including returning keys, by the designated time indicated on their Pridebnb reservation. Leaving belongings beyond checkout time requires prior approval from the host.

d. Smoking: Guests should refrain from smoking inside a listing unless the host explicitly permits it. This includes tobacco, cannabis, e-cigarettes, and other smoking substances.

e. Approvals for Pets: Guests should not bring any pets into a listing designated as "no pets" in the house rules. The number of approved pets must not be exceeded without informing the host. Note that service animals are not considered pets.

f. Noise: Guests should respect designated quiet hours and avoid causing a disruptive level of noise, such as loud music, shouting, or slamming doors.

g. Commercial Film and Photography: Guests must not engage in film or photography intended for commercial use or profit without documented permission from the host.

Reporting a Violation

At Pridebnb, we encourage hosts to promptly report any violations of these ground rules. Reports can be submitted directly to us by hosts or neighbors, allowing us to maintain a positive and safe community environment for all.

We are committed to enforcing these ground rules and may take various actions, including providing information and issuing warnings to guests who violate the policies. Repeated or severe violations may lead to suspension or removal of guests from our community.

Effective Communication with Hosts

To ensure successful stays, open and responsive communication between guests and hosts is essential. Guests are encouraged to promptly respond when a host reaches out to address any issues or concerns during their stay.

Appealing Violations

Guests have the option to appeal decisions under these policies by contacting our customer support team or through the provided link for the appeals process. We will consider any additional details provided by guests during the appeal, including new or corrected information and relevant circumstances related to the violation(s).

Pridebnb's Off-Platform Policy

By hosting on Pridebnb, you agree to abide by our terms and policies, including our Terms of Service, which we reserve the right to enforce at our sole discretion. The Off-Platform Policy aims to protect our community and business from harmful behaviors and ensure a secure environment for all users.

The following behaviors are strictly prohibited on Pridebnb:

  1. Taking people off the Pridebnb platform for bookings, communication, or reviews.

  2. Contacting potential guests outside of Pridebnb to facilitate bookings.

  3. Requesting guests to use non-Pridebnb communications services for booking requests or other purposes.

  4. Canceling existing reservations to have guests rebook outside of Pridebnb.

  5. Encouraging guests to book repeat or future stays outside of Pridebnb.

  6. Including links or buttons in messages that redirect guests away from the Pridebnb platform.

  7. Misusing guest contact or identity information.

  8. Asking guests for information unrelated to their stay or that compromises their quality of stay.

  9. Requesting contact information prior to booking, as all pre-booking communications must be through Pridebnb.

  10. Using guest contact information for unauthorized purposes, including running credit checks or background checks without valid reasons.

  11. Settling payments outside of the Pridebnb platform, except for certain identified exceptions handled through the Resolution Center.

  12. Misusing contact information provided by Pridebnb for marketing communications or contact lists.


Certain situations may require additional contact/identity information to comply with legal or compliance requirements. Hosts must provide clear information about such requirements and their reasons in their listing description so that guests understand the necessity prior to booking.

Guests have the right to appeal decisions related to this policy by contacting customer support or using the provided link for the appeals process. During the appeal process, additional details provided by guests will be considered to ensure a fair resolution.

At Pridebnb, we are dedicated to creating a safe and respectful environment for all members of our community. By following these ground rules and adhering to our policies, guests contribute to a positive and inclusive experience for everyone on Pridebnb.