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Being a Responsible Host on Pridebnb in the United States

Hosting on Pridebnb comes with certain responsibilities, and we encourage all hosts to take them seriously. By being a responsible host, you contribute to a positive hosting experience for both yourself and your guests. Here are some responsibilities that encompass various aspects, including health and cleanliness, safety, neighbor relations, compliance with local regulations, and tax obligations. This article delves into essential considerations to help hosts fulfill their roles responsibly.

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Health and Cleanliness

Maintaining a clean and safe space is essential for providing a comfortable stay. Follow these recommendations:


Ensuring the safety of your guests is paramount. Take these steps to create a safe environment:

  • Establish clear emergency procedures and provide contact information for local emergency services.

  • Keep a well-stocked first aid kit easily accessible.

  • Install functioning smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers as required by government safety guidelines.

  • Clearly mark fire escape routes and provide a map for guests.

  • Minimize hazards by addressing potential risks such as tripping hazards, exposed wires, and unsafe stairs.


Respectful and considerate behavior towards your neighbors is crucial. Here's how you can be mindful:

  • Communicate your building's common area rules to your guests and remind them to be respectful of your neighbors' peace and privacy.

  • Clearly communicate your smoking policy and provide designated areas and ashtrays if applicable.

  • Inform your guests about parking rules in your building and neighborhood.

  • Remind guests to keep noise levels down and establish policies regarding babies, pets, parties, and inviting additional guests.

  • If you allow pets, educate guests about local regulations and consider having a backup plan in case of any disturbances caused by pets.


Ensure that you comply with relevant permissions and regulations. Take the following steps:

  • Review your HOA or Co-Op Board regulations and lease agreement to ensure hosting is allowed.

  • If you have roommates, establish a written roommate agreement to outline hosting arrangements and responsibilities.

  • Consider notifying your neighbors about your hosting plans and address any concerns they may have.

  • If you live in public or subsidized housing, be aware of any special rules that may apply and consult with the property manager if necessary.

General Regulations

Understand and comply with local regulations and tax obligations. Here's what to consider:

  • Research and comply with any applicable local taxes, business license requirements, and permitting, zoning, safety, and health regulations.

  • Familiarize yourself with rent control or rent stabilization rules if applicable.

  • Stay informed about any city, county, or region-specific regulations that may apply to your hosting activities.

For location-specific details regarding city, county, or region-specific regulations, or for general information on local regulations, please visit navigating local regulations.

Important Things to Check

Ensure you address the following aspects:

  • Understand the tax obligations related to your hosting activity. Ernst and Young has provided a helpful guide on the US taxation of rental income, which can offer valuable insights. Please be aware that although the following guide was originally created for Airbnb, the principles and concepts apply equally to Pridebnb. Here are the guidelines.

  • Review your insurance coverage and consult with your insurance agent or carrier to ensure you have adequate liability coverage and property protection. Host damage protection and Host liability insurance are recommended.

  • Please note that Pridebnb disclaims liability for host conduct and expects hosts to fulfill their responsibilities. Failure to meet these responsibilities may result in activity suspension or removal from the Pridebnb platform.

For further information on how Pridebnb works, please visit our Help Center.

Please note: that Pridebnb has no control over host conduct and disclaims all liability. Failure to fulfill host responsibilities may result in activity suspension or removal from the Pridebnb platform.