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How to Manage Guest Messages on Pridebnb

Effective communication with guests is a cornerstone of successful hosting on Pridebnb. Your initial interactions can set the tone for the entire guest experience. This article offers a step-by-step guide on how hosts can skillfully manage guest messages using Pridebnb's Host inbox, ensuring a warm and seamless hosting journey.

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Accessing Your Host Inbox

You can easily contact the guests by going to the "Inbox" section of your Pridebnb account, and select "As a host" inbox. Please note that hosts and guests have separate inboxes.

To contact guests or respond to their messages, go to your Inbox and select the relevant conversation thread. You're just a click or tap away from connecting with them.

Accessing Customer Support Messages

Your conversations with Pridebnb customer support are stored in the Pridebnb Support Center.

To access your past conversations and tickets, please contact the support team:

  • Provide the ticket number and your email address used for the conversation you'd like to retrieve.
  • We will send the transcript for that conversation.

Guest Information and Reservation Details

Detailed guest information and reservation details can be found in the "As a host" section of each specific messaging thread in your inbox.

By effectively managing guest messages on Pridebnb, you can provide exceptional communication and ensure a positive hosting experience for your guests. If you need further assistance or have any questions, feel free to reach out to Pridebnb customer support.