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Booking Requests

Pridebnb Hosts, you have the authority to approve or reject booking requests. In this article we will discuss:

Approving or Rejecting a Booking Request as a Host

Upon receiving a booking request, you will be notified via email and a notification on the marketplace. You can review the request before making a decision. If you don't respond within the three (3) days, the booking request will automatically expire, ensuring that buyers can explore other options without delays.

When you receive a booking request, you will receive an email notification and see a red notification on your marketplace interface near the inbox button. By accessing the inbox, you can view all the bookings and booking requests in the seller inbox. Clicking on the newest request will take you to the booking page.

On the booking page, you can view the price breakdown, including the Pridebnb fee (a fee that helps us run this platform and provide the best possible service to you!), and choose to accept or decline the request. You can also send a message to the buyer before or after accepting/rejecting the request.

When you accept or decline the request, the conversation thread is updated. Both you and the buyer can continue exchanging messages in the conversation thread.

Guests will be notified when their booking request is accepted (or denied), and they can continue sending messages if needed.

You can refer to the accompanying screenshots for visual guidance.

accept booking or decline booking

Responding to or Declining a Booking Request

Responding to a Booking Request

Congratulations! Someone is interested in staying at your place. You have three (3) days to respond to the request before it expires, so it's important to set up notifications to receive them promptly.

  • The requested dates will be automatically blocked on your calendar to avoid overlap.
  • Review the request and accept or decline within 24 hours to maintain your response rate.
  • If you accept the request, the dates will remain blocked.
  • If you decline due to scheduling conflicts, update your calendar to avoid further requests for those dates.

Declining a Booking Request

If you are unable to accommodate a booking request, you can decline it before it expires within three (3) days.

We recommend responding with 24 hours to help maintain your response rate, an important factor for becoming a Superfab. You can choose to keep the dates blocked or open them up for other potential bookings. If you change your mind, you can ask the guest to send a new request or send them a special offer or invitation to book.

You can also decline an inquiry, which prevents the guest from sending a booking request.

Expired Requests

After receiving a booking request, the dates will remain blocked on your calendar for three (3) days.

If you missed the suggested 24-hour window, you have five more days to accept or decline the booking request, before it expires. We recommend responding with 24 hours to help maintain your response rate, an important factor for becoming a Superfab.

If you missed the 6-day window to accept a guest you would like to host, you can ask them to send a new request and consider offering them a special deal.

Please note that Pridebnb may block your calendar if you haven't provided all the required information for your account.

Responding to an Inquiry

An inquiry is a message from a guest seeking more information about specific dates before sending a booking request. It indicates their interest in your listing, so it's important to respond promptly.

Respond to inquiries within 24 hours. Make sure to respond to all messages, especially inquiries and booking requests, within the specified timeframe. A quick response helps secure reservations and improves your response rate, boosting your listing's visibility in search results.

Speeding up the Process

Every inquiry presents an opportunity to impress potential guests. Responding with the right incentive can help you fill your place faster.

Invite them to book: This is the quickest way to secure a reservation after an inquiry. The guest only needs to confirm your invitation.

Send a special offer: Depending on their preferences and circumstances, you can send a tailored special offer to encourage them to book.

Remember, providing timely and personalized responses increases your chances of securing bookings and providing an excellent hosting experience.